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8 Best Stock Market Apps for Android

The internet has made the stock market investment a 24&215;7 affair. Gone are the days when you had to call your broker for every single unit of trade. Today, investing in stock market is just a few clicks away. The...More

Cryptocurrency Investment Strategies Every Investor Should Learn

Cryptocurrency investment is quickly becoming one of the most sought after ventures of our time. Much like the rise of global internet, experts are foreseeing a world that will rely on blockchain technology to solve various organizational and security issues...More

15 Cheap Stocks to Buy Right Now in 2018

Here, I am showing you some of the most profitable investment opportunities on the stock market for the year 2018. What I am saying below is about the cheap stocks that are doing great. Buying them now and holding them,...More

RBC Wealth Management and Whether the Reviews Are True or Not

The RBC wealth management is among the oldest firms offering investment assistance. They have been in business for over 100 years now. In fact, they have now expanded operations across the world. However, that does not seem to be enough....More

Yen Carry Trade: Is It Still a Viable Trading Strategy?

The yen carry trade is one of the most celebrated kinds of arbitrage trade. The carry trade is based on stable return hopes from high yielding currency. So what is a carry trade? The point is, can we consider it...More

What Is Hedging in Forex and Is It Really Risk Free?

Hedging in forex is one of the songs that traders sing. It is like a must-have device in the toolbox. Especially if you are a veteran trader, it goes without saying forex hedging is no vocabulary to you. In any...More

Bull Market Definition and the Features of the Bull vs. Bear Market

The bull market and the bear market are some of the most common classifications. Whenever you think of stock markets, a bull market is all that you look forward to. A mention of a bear market instills fear of severe...More

Robo-Advisors and Whether They Can Survive the Bear Markets

Robo-advisors are software designed to make your financial planning more efficient. These are digital platforms that enable automated services. This is mainly driven by algorithm-driven planning. This kind of digital platform does not need any type of human supervision. It...More

Binary Options Hedging Strategy with a High Success Rate

Looking forward to using binary options hedging strategy with high a success rate? This article is meant to you as we are going to uncover the technique that can materialize this goal. In this article, you will be prompted with...More

Contrarian Investing as an Investment Strategy

Contrarian investing is often considered as a long-term opportunity. The word contrarian essentially means bucking the trend, taking a contrarian viewpoint. It means your investment strategy is radically different. It is mainly an outcome of the deep-set concepts about crowd...More

Best Retirement Investments That Are Safe and Profitable

Deciding on the best retirement investments is crucial. After all, it is your support system in old age. The smallest mistakes can sometimes derail the entire return perspective. Thankfully, you now have a plethora of great retirement options. But the...More

Value Investing Strategy from Warren Buffett to Graham

We often refer to value investing strategy, when we discuss Buffett&8217;s trading style. Buffett&8217;s investment strategies have a distinct Ben Graham touch. Not only Ben Graham was his mentor, but also the guiding force. It is considered the key to...More

Dollar Cost Averaging As a Professional Investment Technique

Dollar cost averaging is a distinct investment technique. As the name indicates, it is all about buying dollars and the art of averaging. The basic trend is buying a large number of shares when the price is less. You buy...More

Options Trading Strategies for Beginners Who Don&8217;t Know How to Trade

Most serious investors have heard about different types of options trading strategies. But, beginners in Options trading tend to begin with little understanding of it. In their hurry to explore the different strategies, they end up with deep losses. Thus,...More

Exchange-Traded Funds and Their Advantages for Investors

The exchange-traded funds are a type of investment fund on exchanges. They are invariably listed on stock exchanges and behave almost like stocks. You can have an exchange-traded fund for any type of asset class. Just like derivative, they derive...More

What Are Equity Derivatives and Their Different Types?

The equity derivatives are one of the most interesting ways to trade equities. Primarily the word derivatives refer to any contract between a buyer and a seller. In case of derivatives, the value is derived from an underlying asset. This...More

China Stock Market Crash and Why We Should Care

The China stock market crash was perhaps the final unraveling of the economic downturn that began in 2008. As global markets were just about seeing signs of some normalization, the stock market crash in China put a further spanner in...More

Stock Market Crash of 1929 and The Lessons You Must Learn

Whenever there is mention of a stock market crash, it is hard not to discuss the stock market crash of 1929. It is undeniably one of the marquee events in the economic history of the modern world. In fact, the...More

Hedge Fund Manager Salary: How Much a Manager Makes in a Hedge Fund Company?

Look at the announced annual rich list, you will notice that hedge fund manager salary is a major constituent of the rising wealth of many participants in the list. In fact, whether you consider the entry level roles or senior...More

Make Your First $100,000 Trading Forex

Forex trading and getting rich through it, has attracted so much attentions in the past several years. Maybe the first and most important reason is that it looks so easy to make money with trading currencies. When you look at...More